Haldex Full Function Trailer Valve  KN28600 - new in box

Haldex Full Function Trailer Valve KN28600 - new in box

$ 299.45


Haldex Full Function Trailer Valve  KN28600 - new in box

From Manufacturer's Website:
  • Single valve system - easy to install, maintain and troubleshoot.
  • Built-in pressure protection and anti-compounding functions: FMVSS-121 compliant, eliminates broken foundation components caused by compounding of spring brake.
  • Space age engineering grade composites: resists corrosion, lighter and more durable than aluminum.
  • Built-in service and spring brake quick release.
  • Heavy wall mounting nipple is treated to resist corrosion and withstand severe duty applications.
  • Service brake priority ensures air tank pressure is sufficient to stop vehicle when spring brakes are first released.
  • Can be used with single or twin air tanks.
  • Approximate Weight 3 lbs.

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