NARC  NES Game Cartridge only Nintendo

NARC NES Game Cartridge only Nintendo

$ 10.99

Approved by Just Say No International, a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping young adults drug free, Narc puts you in the role of Max Force, a soldier in the War on Drugs. Your job is to stop drug kingpin Mr. Big, seize his contraband and halt the felonious careers of the thugs, psycho clowns, dealers, pushers, gangsters, terrorists and mobsters in his employ. Pit bulls, land mines, helicopters and mutant bugs are on hand to complicate your mission.

Equipped with a machine gun and a rocket launcher, you'll battle your way through nine levels of play, which include an industrial ghetto, the city streets, Sunset Strip, Mr. Big's Office and other seedy locations. In addition to busting bad guys, you'll destroy vats of drugs, confiscate cash and pick up color-coded safe cards for use in opening locked doors.

At times you will commandeer a Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera NarcMobile, which is equipped with superior handling and rapid acceleration. While in the car you can defeat bad guys with your standard weapons, or you can simply run them over. If you're especially crafty, you can trick enemies into walking over land mines.

A cooperative, simultaneous mode is available in which player two takes the role of Hitman, a warrior equally bent on ridding our great country of drugs. The war rages on; do your part to help by just saying no to drugs and yes to Narc.