Ryan Herco Flow Solutions PVC Gauge Guard 5344.015 0-60 PSI

Ryan Herco Flow Solutions PVC Gauge Guard 5344.015 0-60 PSI

$ 175.76


Ryan Herco Flow Solutions PVC Gauge Guard 5344.015 0-60 PSI

New in box - see photos for item condition.  Plast-O-Matic PVC Molded Gauge Guard PTFE DIA/0-60 PSI

From Manufacturer's website:

• Low cost protection of gauges and other pressure instruments in a variety of thermoplastics for specific chemical compatibility and temperature ranges.
• Increase product reliability and reduce system downtime caused by failure of instruments not isolated by seals.
• Compact size makes these isolators ideal for limited space installations.
• Simple to fill and install.
• ± 3% accuracy. Will handle most applications; suitable for use with gauges, transducers, and pressure switches.
• Diaphragm safety - If the gauge or instrument fractures while the system is pressurized, the diaphragm will automatically seal against leakage to the atmosphere.
• Standard PTFE diaphragm for maximum corrosion resistance.
• Chemical-resistant gauge guards protect instruments by isolating pressure gauges or switches from corrosives in pipelines.
• Eliminate blocked pressure and vacuum gauges by preventing suspended solids from clogging and causing faulty readings.

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