Taryn Rose Italian Leather Loafers Men’s Size 7 1/2 (us) 40 (eu

Taryn Rose Italian Leather Loafers Men’s Size 7 1/2 (us) 40 (eu

$ 175.68

As Per the Manufacturer: Founded by an orthopedic surgeon, TARYN ROSE footwear is not only luxurious and stylish, but comfortable by incorporating innovative constructions, patterns and technology such as Poron® or ‘memory foam’ for cushioning. When you pick up a TARYN ROSE shoe, it’s hard to believe how light it is. And when you put yourself in our shoes, you’ll be amazed at the substantial amount of support, flexibility, cushioning and balance that you can get from a shoe with so much style.

Every Taryn Rose shoe has a full-length layer of PORON® Performance Cushioning, a high-density foam also found in sneakers worn by NBA players. PORON® Materials also have a unique open cell structure that produces a breathable foam that will not break down with continual use, which keeps the spring in your step longer. PORON® Material only loses 5% of its memory after five years of wear. This translates to a shoe with longer lasting comfort, performance capability, maximum flexibility and the ability to stabilize your foot by keeping it balanced with every step.

  • PORON® Performance Cushioning brings long-lasting comfort and high performance shock absorption in a durable material that withstands even the toughest daily wear.
  • In side by side comparisons with other typical insole materials, PORON® Performance Cushioning repeatedly records lower Peak Gs on impact, which indicates better shock absorbency, helping to cushion joints and muscles.
  • All PORON® Cushioning Materials continue to perform and maintain up to 98% of their original thickness throughout the life of your product. After five years, it only loses 5% of its memory, keeping the spring in your step longer.
  • Unlike other typical padding, PORON® Materials distribute pressure evenly across the material and can help to relieve pressure points along the body. These pressure points may be a primary cause for aches, pains or even calluses and blisters.

Lightly Worn. Shoe Trees NOT included