Ancient INDUS VALLEY HARAPPAN POTTERY Dish PLATE Bowl c.2500-2000 BC Artifact

Ancient INDUS VALLEY HARAPPAN POTTERY Dish PLATE Bowl c.2500-2000 BC Artifact

$ 299.33

ANCIENT ITEMS DISCLAIMER: This piece is part of a small collection of ancient/historic/antique artifacts that we recently acquired. We are brand new to dealing in such items. Extensive research is being conducted with the hope of accurately representing each piece. That being said, all origin and/or age claims should be taken with a grain of salt. We are bound to make a few mistakes before we get the basics down. Please feel free to share your knowledge with us...this is always greatly appreciated!

Being offered for sale is the ANCIENT INDUS VALLEY, HARAPPAN CIVILIZATION POTTERY DISH/PLATE/BOWL from circa 2500-2000 BC (best guess), as seen in the pictures/as described in the title. PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR IMPORTANT CONDITION NOTES. Being offered for sale AS-FOUND, uncleaned. May require a thorough detailing to bring to its full potential. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your money questions asked!


We do not yet feel comfortable grading the condition of ancient items. Any/all defects/breaks are clearly shown in the pictures provided. Any hard to see defects and/or repairs shall have arrows pointed at them in one or more of the pictures. Please inspect ALL of the pictures carefully (zoom-in for details).


Measures 3-7/8" diameter x approx 7/8" tall. Weighs 2.75 oz. / 78.0 grams.

PLEASE NOTE: The inflated shipping cost for this item is to help offset the high price of insuring the package at full purchase price. Please take this into consideration and work it into your offer(s).


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