Antique FRAMING SOCKET SLICK 2-7/8" by Unfound Maker "M. COX & CO." Rare Chisel!

Antique FRAMING SOCKET SLICK 2-7/8" by Unfound Maker "M. COX & CO." Rare Chisel!

$ 399.33

Being offered for sale is the antique FRAMING SLICK / LARGE FIRMER CHISEL by "M. COX & CO." (weakly stamped, partial logo reads "M. COX & CO." over "CAST STEEL" over "WARRANTED" at topside blade, see 2nd pic - we were unable to find this maker in any of our many antique tool books nor on the internet (although unlikely, the letter following "M." might not be a "C", so we also searched "GOX", "FOX" & "SOX", also to no avail - very rare maker!!), from circa the mid -to- late 19th century (best guess), as seen in the pictures/as described in the title. PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR IMPORTANT CONDITION NOTES. Being offered for sale AS-FOUND, uncleaned (with exception of a light wire-wheel at maker's mark, only as required to read it). May require a thorough detailing to bring to its full potential. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your money questions asked!


Good/G- antique condition with moderate -to- severe overall wear (many dings, dents, scuffs, scratches, stains, etc.) throughout from frequent, heavy-duty use over the years but NO major breaks or repairs. Moderate pitting a multiple areas of severe pitting throughout. Blade edge is chipped/nicked up (see pics 4-6 & 9-11) and would absolutely need a fresh sharpening prior to any practical use. Maker's mark is weakly stamped but just visible enough to make it out (reads "M. COX & CO." over "CAST STEEL" over "WARRANTED", see 2nd pic). Super rich, thick patina throughout. See pics.


Measures 15-9/16" long, overall. Blade is 2-7/8" wide. Inner rim of socket end is approx. 1-3/16" (imperfect circle, varies slightly). Weighs 3 lbs. 1.0 oz..



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